Why certification is important to us – a few facts and figures:

  • There are approximately 240 harmful chemicals, pesticides and dyes in the production of conventional cotton
  • There are 120 million children aged 5-14 globally involved in child labour. Many of them under dangerous conditions working in mines, with chemicals and pesticides in agriculture or in the apparel industry.
  • The world produces about 25 million tonnes of cotton every year, but only 0.5% is organically grown.
  • In some areas, the cost of chemicals is now reaching 60% of farmers production costs.

Unfortunately, it is impossible for the consumer to identify the difference between a “conventional” and “ethical” and “organic” product. The difference is not in its appearance.

At Little Gingers, we stand by our claims and have an independent certification body very that our supply chain is fully compliant to standards. The demand for such standards can only come from us, the consumers. Our responsibility is not to let go of our attention for a fair, ethically correct trade.

Our supply chain is certified under the “Global Organic Textiles Standard” (GOTS), Fairtrade Labeling Organization (FLO) – Fairtrade / Max Havelaar and the manufactory additionally SA 8000.

Together, these certifications are considered as the “gold standard” of ethical textile production across the world.